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5 Things To Increase Customer Confidence

Posted on 10/9/2012 by Byron Clarke in Increase Customer Confidence web tips Site Personalization Testimonials Comments and Feedback Promote Your SSL Affiliations

Web Tips - Click to read about FIVE great ways to boost your customer's confidence in your business and web site.


Post Your Affiliations

These could be trade groups, the Better Business Bureau, or your Local Chamber of Commerce. Affiliations with credible groups lead to your sites credibility with end users.

 Use Association logos to build web site trust


Promote Your SSL

If you have a secure certificate for e-commerce or a secure form use the certified logos to let your customers know that their data is safe with you. Consumers are wary of internet fraud so show them that you are protecting their data.

 Promote yout SSL and let clients know that you care about their data


Allow Customers to Post Comments and Feedback

 For customer comments and feedback you can use code placed directly on your web site or you can use a third party system like YELP! Comments modules convey to the end user that you care about and are open to their suggestions, comments and feedback.

 Allowing customers to post comments builds credability through references


List Testimonials and Clients

Testimonials and/or a patial client list can add instant credibility to your company. As business owners and web site operators we all boast about our operations … remember when your mom told you that you were the best looking kid in the whole world? But when someone else says something good about you it carries more weight.

 Client testimonials add to your web sites credibility Listing your clients can lend to a posative image of your company


Allow For Site Personalization

Allowing customers to sign-up and login to your web site. When they login you can create a personal connection. “Welcome Back John – Thank you For Being A Preferred Customer” at the top of the page allows your customers to feel special. A personalized connection always increases customer’s confidence.

 Allowing your clients to register and personalize their web experience lends to client trust and confidence.

To find out more about improving your customer's confidence in your business and your web site call 228-867-6008 or 888-445-8694.

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