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Social Intergration - What Is It?

Posted on 9/4/2012 by Byron Clarke in social media integration Social Media facebook linkden twitter

Q. What is Social Media?
A. For the purposes of the Internet social media refers to sites such as facebook, linkden, twitter, and many others that fit this category. Social media can be either for individuals or businesses and the common denominator is that it allows for people to easily communicate with others.

Q. What is Social Media Integration?
A. Social Media Integration is taking information from web sites like facebook, linkden, twitter, and many others reposting on your web site and mobile web site.

Q. What are the advantages of integrating social media into your content?
A. There are three distinct advantages to social media integration: Credibility, Availability, and Interaction. Social media’s advantage on the web as related to business is that it lends Credibility though personal referrals, suggestions, and comments. Social Media also increases Availability to your web site to a new and larger audience. And, when placed on your web site social media can encourage site visitors to Interact with your web site by posting comments to your web site and about your web site which are than shared across the social media web sites.

Q. Are there examples of Social Media Integration?
A. To the right are two sites that we have recently Integrated Social Media

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